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Where Science meets beauty

Research & DevelopmentCombining customer needs and the need for a sustainable future, our R&D team is converting innovative ideas to envisioned final products

Hellenica is the leading manufacturer of color cosmetics in Greece and our products are formulated and produced locally, so that we can ensure their highest quality, and the incorporation of technologically advanced innovative ingredients. Our in-house R&D team has been involved in the development of new products for all four of our company’s brands, SEVEN7EEN, RADIANT Professional Makeup, MON RÊVE and LORVENN Hair Professionals, for over 50 years, since the establishment of our company.

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“We love our new ‘’skintellectual’’ customers because we know firsthand that gone are the days when consumers would buy just a product, not minding about the ingredients in it.”

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Hellenica Cosmetics-Initiatives-Cruelty Free
Hellenica Cosmetics-Initiatives-Clean Beauty 
Hellenica Cosmetics-Initiatives-Vegan


Cruelty Free

Applying the 2009 European regulation on cosmetics (EC 1223/2009) that banned the sale of any cosmetic product or ingredient that has been tested on animals, in Hellenica we steer well clear of any animal testing in our formulas and products, and we require all our raw materials and ingredients’ suppliers to employ cruelty free, alternative methods of testing.
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Clean Beauty 

We support the Clean Beauty Initiative and, although European legislation has already banned the use of more than 1300 ingredients, we are skeptical of the hygienical and ethical qualities of some of the legally available ingredients. Thus, we have created a more extensive list of ingredients, an ongoing venture striving to record all ingredients adverse to the well-being of both humans and the natural environment.
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The design and manufacture of vegan products entails the elimination of any animal or animal-derived ingredient and raw material from the product and its manufacturing process. In Hellenica we have already replaced all conventional ingredients of animal origin by natural or synthetic ingredients to meet with the vegan requirements and protect animals’ well being.
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Hellenica Cosmetics-Cruelty Free
Hellenica Cosmetics-Clean Beauty 
Hellenica Cosmetics-Vegan
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Formulation DesignMaintaining a wide variety of skincare products

Hellenica Cosmetics-Formulation Design-Maintaining a wide variety of skincare products
Hellenica Cosmetics-Formulation Design-Maintaining a wide variety of skincare products

Our skincare products include facial cleansers, make-up removers, cleansing masks, night masks, anti-aging facial creams, serums, lotions, and sunscreens.

All our products undergo dermatological and ophthalmological testing, in vivo tests, and preservation tests to evaluate the efficacy of the products including all relevant safety and adequacy controls required before entering the production stage. All our products strictly meet the stipulations of the Greek and European Union legislation.

Anti AgingOur R&D team studies the cellular and molecular mechanisms of aging and develop new advanced anti-aging formulas in-house, focusing on highest quality and safety. Our products include:

* Biotechnological active ingredients and peptides with in vivo studies on volunteers

* Natural emulsifiers and emollients in creams and serums which offer unique, dainty and silky textures. Thanks to their restructuring and recompacting properties, they prevent the signs of aging giving tonicity and elasticity to the skin

* Natural extracts and oils, such as organic Greek olive oil, which are ideally compatible with the physiology of the skin

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