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SustainabilitySustainability Means Responsibility

As an active member of society, we are consciously aware of our influence on both people’s well-being and the environment’s. We want to highlight the superiority of beauty in all its forms and shapes and in order for beauty to strive it requires a flourishing environment, enough quality time for people to take care of themselves, and quality ethics. It is our duty towards our planet and the generations to come.

In 2019, we launched an initiative to incorporate our long-term environmental, economic and social responsibilities into our official policies and procedures prioritizing sustainability and circular economy. Incorporating a sustainable approach, we envision a future where humans and nature will be able to coexist in a more productive and harmonious way.

Our CommitmentsNet Zero by 2040


Manufacturing facilities 

Since 2019, we “Go Green” aiming at reducing our carbon footprint while setting specific goals for the next 20 years. We have already signed an infrastructure bill to improve thermal insulation on all our buildings for better conservation of energy and by 2040, we pledge to have a 100% Carbon neutral production process.

  • Quality Management System (QMS) EN ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) EN ISO 22716:2017 Certificate 

Raw materials & Formulations

In Hellenica we are very strict with our suppliers and we analyze every raw material following 15 certificates in three categories: environmental, health, and social. We use only sustainable & ethically sourced materials and by 2035 we aim to cooperate only with suppliers who use exclusively sustainable methods. We have already been producing sunscreen products made with UV filters that meet the EcoSun Pass® criteria and we foresee a future of 100% biodegradable formulas.


Waste recycling

Since 2021. we have established a recycling system for metal, carton, and paper in our manufacturing facilities and we now recycle 100% of paper from our production waste.
40% of the total manufacturing waste (34,04 t) is being bought from recycling companies, including paper, metal, carton, and mixed packaging, while the rest 60% (50,93 t) -organic waste, packaging and other- is being paid for waste management companies to process it. By 2030, we plan to have 100% waste recycling in both our factory and offices.


Solar Energy

We are in the process of installing solar panels on our factory and laboratories that will cover 70% of our electricity needs. By 2024, 70% of our electricity consumption will come from a renewable source.


Water Consumption

Water waste from the manufacturing facility undergoes an organic processing within our facilities and is then sent to the national water processing facilities. In 2023, we signed a bill to create a reusable water-cooling system for our factory’s machinery as well as to substitute petrol with natural gas as our main energy provider to further reduce our direct CO2 emissions.


Transportation & Distribution

We have already started to build local supply chains to reduce transportation and support the local economy and by 2040 we aim to have 80% of our partnerships with local suppliers. By 2040, all manufacturing processes and distribution channels will reach a Zero Carbon Footprint.


Socioeconomic responsibility

Considering the social and economic impacts of sustainability, we have uninterruptedly been encouraging the support of the local economy and society, from the very start of our existence. By residing all our offices, laboratories, and production facilities in Greece, we sustain more than 600 families contributing to the well-being of the local community.
Furthermore, we have been continuously supporting community groups through philanthropic activities, such as charitable donations and public awareness campaigns promoting a future of equal opportunities for all.

Hellenica Cosmetics-
Paper recycling
Total manufacturing waste recycling
Product material recycled

The future of packagingMost of our new packaging design is developed in such a way that it requires less technical processing in its printing methods and the weight of the packaging is reduced. Hellenica’s R&D team, driven by its love and respect for the environment, makes every step count towards a greener, more sustainable future.

By 2030, 100% of plastic packaging will be replaced with sustainable alternatives. Gradually we proceed with new packaging materials that will meet at least 1 of the following prerequisites:

Hellenica Cosmetics-01-Reusability
Hellenica Cosmetics-02-Biodegradable
Hellenica Cosmetics-03-Clean



Fully recycled material avoiding the use of different materials for an easier recycling process. 
01 / 03



Plastic produced from biomass (sugar cane, palm tree etc) and not just from petroleum products in order to achieve less waste because in their majority they can be recycled or decomposed.
02 / 03



Use of paper and wood from certified responsible forestry (FSC®)
03 / 03
Hellenica Cosmetics-Reusability
Hellenica Cosmetics-Biodegradable
Hellenica Cosmetics-Clean
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